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Simply Prepaid refill


    I went abroad for three months and I set my account to “Pay as You Go”. When I landed in New York July 28th I switched my account back to “Simply Prepaid” by paying the corresponding fee. I received a confirmation message:



    7/28/2018, Free T-Mobile Msg: We made your requested change to your monthly plan effective 07/28/2018.  Visit for your plan details.



    On August 6th, 9 days later, I got another message asking me to refill my plan again as it would expire on August 8th. I thought, this is obviously a mistake:



    8/8/2018, Free TMO MSG: If you haven't already, please refill your plan to ensure continued service by visiting or calling 611 before 12:01 AM in tomorrow. Please disregard if you've already paid for next month's service.



    I called Customer Support by dialing 611. After a 2-hour wait for a callback, I got on the line a rep barely able to speak English and plainly not eager to help. After a few minutes trying to explain the problem the line went dead, and that was that. Next day I tried again. This time I waited almost 3 hours for a callback. The rep was also barely intelligible, but at least he was enthusiastic. He said his name was “John” and he was there to help me. He kept repeating it. After explaining than I could not be charged for 2 refills within a 9-day period, he put me on hold. When he came back on the line, he said he had “good news”.  He went on in an unintelligible babble I could barely follow. I understood him saying that because I was such a “old and loyal customer” he had been authorized to extend my refill for a month “free of charge”. I didn’t want to complicate things my reminding him I had paid for the refill just 9 days before. He reminded me his name was “John” and he was there to help me. I thanked him. He reminded me one last time that his name was “John” and he was there to help me. We said goodby. He followed with a message:



    8/8/2018, Thank you for allowing me to assist you today! Please rest assured that I addressed all the concerns you shared with me. - John(1879756) @T-Mobile



    Next day, August 9th, I checked my account. It had not been reset. I tried to make a phone call. The service was interrupted.  “John” had failed to help. Just received a message:



    8/9/2018, Free T-Mobile Msg: Your payment for your T-Mobile plan is past due so your plan is inactive. Visit to make a payment to get your monthly service working again



    Hey, T-Mobile, if you are listening, please know that as a company and as a service provider you are a bad joke.

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        Re: Simply Prepaid refill

        Hey there!


        Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that T-Mobile has disappointed you this much! I'm not a T-Mobile representative, but usually what I tell other people having trouble over the phone with reps, to actually go to the store and settle this problem in person. It's much easier being able to talk to an actual person face-to-face, and express your concerns. Have you tried so? You can find your nearest T-Mobile store here.


        I'm sorry to hear you're having such issues, and hope that your problems are solved.