TOURIST PLAN - Without Credit Card



    I would like to know if I can buy the TOURIST PLAN directly in one of your stores.

    As it is impossible for me to buy the TOURIST PLAN from Europe without an American credit card!

    And if the European credit card is not accepted, can I pay in cash?


    Best regards

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: TOURIST PLAN - Without Credit Card

        Hey, bleicris!


        Welcome to our Support Community! With the Tourist Plan, the credit/debit card and ship-to address must have US addresses. If you don't have a US card but know someone in the US, you may be able to ask them for help. Another idea is to purchase a prepaid US Mastercard or Visa gift card to use online or when calling Web/Telesales. You can also wait until you arrive in the US and visit a T-Mobile store where you're able to use cash.