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    I have been a T-mobile customer for many years, at least 13. I was under my father's plan for about 5-6 years, and things were smooth. I never had the urge to write a complaint until today, but I had it with this specific store. I do not know who to go to as the problem comes from the store manager herself. Currently, I am part of the jump on-demand plan. In 2017, I was switching from an LG V10 to an LG G6. The store manager told me, they no longer support jump on demand and that I had to pay the rest of the lease off. Paying off the rest of the phone was no concern at the time, the main concern was keeping the plan. Store manager suggested me to pay off the rest of the lease in order to jump onto the next phone. I went ahead and called Corp customer service, they stated that I would keep the plan no matter what and would be able to jump to the G6. Corp customer service probably did not know that I wanted to "jump" to a newer phone. At the time, I was very naive and unfamiliar with the plan, so I went ahead paid. This means that I would take ownership of the V10. Wrong, she went ahead and took the LG V10. She had me start a new lease with the LG G6. Essentially, she swindled me to pay the rest of the V10 and start a new lease with a new phone. Realizing, there is absolutely nothing I can do now, but provide receipt as proof. I remember this lady very well.


    Today, August 8, 2018, around 9 am, I called corp customer service about jumping from the G6 to the Note 8. Corp customer service, her name was Danielle-53640, assisted me and provided all the details I need to know to jump to the Note 8. She cleared the dilemma about the jump on demand program I had along. I want to thank her very much! 10 am, I walked into the same exact store one year ago and approached the agents working there. Long and behold, that store manager still works there. I asked if they have the note 8 in stock, the store manager immediately said no. I followed up with another question asked if she can check if other stores have the note 8 in stock. Without checking, she immediately said no stores have the note 8 in stock. Mind you, there were no customers in the store and the agents were gathered casually talking to each other. I walked out and google one of the local T-mobile stores and called if they had the note 8 in stock. Guess what, they actually have some in stock. I went back into the store and thank the store for the worse customer service experience in my life. The store manager answered back and asked which store offered the note 8. HA! 


    I went ahead and drove to another location. Of course, my anger carried over and I may have acted out of pocket. I asked another agent if they had the note 8. Without checking, he immediately said no. I directed to the store manager and that I called earlier about the note 8, he kindly said yes we do have it in stock. Signed the paperwork and left. It was as simple as that, no swindling here.


    The events that have transpired today have my blood boiling. After the confrontation, I looked up what it takes to be a store manager. Obviously, it seems like it does not take much effort to earn 85k and not provide any effort in customer service. I do not live far away from the first store and I can tell you within a year, you will probably not see the same employees after 2 months. For god's sake, other retail stores do better than this. As you can feel the intensity of my anger after being swindled and provided bad customer service. I went ahead and looked up the Yelp reviews of this first T-mobile store I went to. Long and behold, I am not the only one receiving bad customer service. As a loyal customer, can you please do something about the store manager and someone above her?! Please!


    Yelp reviews:

    Store address: 247 Westlake Ctr Daly City, CA 94015

    Store Manager: Early to Mid 30s, Hispanic Woman.

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