unlocked phone not provision on T-mobile


    Hi. I have an unlocked phone with LTE/VoLTE support but unfortunately it could not register/provision on T-mobile network. I called customer support but they just suggested me to buy one of T-mobile phone. It is not fare because I have my own unlocked phone and paid a lot for it and another cost is not acceptable.


    T-mobile should break this exclusively service for its own mobile phone because everybody paid for their devices and may not pay more for T-mobile devices.

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      • theartiszan

        I have a number of unlocked devices on T-Mobile service with any issue. They do not block phones that are not theirs. It is possible that the bands your phone supports are not in service with T-Mobile. What is the model number on the phone you are trying to use?

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          • magenta1905345

            hanks for your reply. My phone model is "redmi note 5-global version" which I attached the supported LTE band as follow. Regarding to my investigation my device has no issue with LTE internet service but for VoLTE it is required device provision by its IMEI. I have tested Nexus 5x which was on same frequency band( Number 4) with same tower coverage(using LTE coverage monitoring android app) had VoLTE but mine has not.(two phone called each other!)


            As long as I understand T-mobile suggested me to switch my phone to another T-mobile supported device and it is not the best solution. I am wondering if anybody have same problem/issue on the unlocked device or not.