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    What happens if my car is stolen and a tmobile transaction was made with my stolen card?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Fraud type stuff

        That's more of a question with your bank.  But, what I'd guess happens:


        - you report the fraud to your bank.

        - the bank gives you your money back.

        - the bank [probably?] goes to T-Mobile to get the transactions reversed, thus the bank getting the money they returned to you back.


        Not sure exactly what happens after that.  There's possibly some insurance on the merchant's side to protect them from this theft?  It's probably not much different than if your card was stolen and they went to the mall on a shopping spree?

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          • m0m2bg20!7

            Re: Fraud type stuff

            Thank you, I've already went through the process with my bank. Was wondering what tmobile does about things as such.

              • smplyunprdctble

                Re: Fraud type stuff

                Because transactions would be associated with a phone number, they might go after the account the transaction was associated with.  e.g. if BaristaBob stole your credit card number as he processed your card at an imaginary coffee drive-thru and paid his phone bill with your card, T-Mobile should be able to trace the transaction the bank provides with the payment to grab the account and reverse the payment on the account, probably causing their phone to be shut off because payment is officially late.

                If it was used to purchase a phone, the same thing should be able to be traced -- credit card transaction was on this account for this phone.  They could disable the phone on their network.


                I suppose the above information could potentially be used by law enforcement if charges want to be pressed.  Since you should have gotten your money back to your account, I think the bank would have to be the one to go after them, not you?


                What they actually do, I cannot answer as I'm not a T-Mobile employee.  I just imagine they should do one of the things above.  Frankly, if someone is going to steal a credit/debit card and use it, they're stupid for using it on something traceable.  The time my card was (somehow) stolen, it was used in a night club and cheap pizza in West Hollywood -- a total of twenty bucks before the card was flagged.  He was a cheap but untraceable.