Same phone, but having app storage issues


    I had a Galaxy grand prime and broke the charging port. I replaced it with another galaxy grand prime, so it's the same phone.


    On the old phone, apps that I downloaded, like Starbucks, I could transfer to the SD card, but on the new phone,the move to the SD card is not available.


    it is the same phone, same update version, and same app as the old phone.


    1) I know the app is movable since I could do it before on the old phone. How do I make it movable on the new phone?

    2) If For some reason I can't...The old phone was fine except for the broken charging port. Can I take the charging port from the new phone and put it in the old phone, or would it involve something complicated like soldering?


    Thanks for any help!

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      • smplyunprdctble

        I'm starting to think about this a little differently -- your SD card has the app on it from your old phone.  Which means the app file(s) are on the SD card when you move it from one device to another.  I wonder if Android won't let you move it because the file(s) already exist?  Have you tried reformatting the SD card [make sure you have everything backed up, this destroys all data on the card]?  Or uninstalling the app while the card is in the old phone?  (or "unmove" the app on the old phone?) Or using a new SD card?  Basically something to make sure there's nothing that could be conflicting.


        As for your second question - no.  You can't [easily] open up a phone, and if you did, you'd have to desolder and solder any components you want to change.  If you had the smarticles to do this, you probably wouldn't have done a warranty exchange.

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          Have you tried the suggestions above to see it that works? Please keep us posted. Thank you.