Unknown Device | Imei | insurance?


    Okay, so it looks like someone posted something similar, but I did not see a clear solution (My Phone / Unknown Device / Pixel 2 / Wells Fargo Insurance Claim )


    As of 3 days ago, I've been using a new Oneplus 6 on tmobile (which shows up as an unknown device on my end), is it possible for TMobile to generate a report/proof that would show the IMEI for my phone does, in fact, belong to my account?


    If TMobile can generate such documentation, then I can stick with my wellsfargo credit card as my cellphone protection/insurance. If TMobile cannot generate such documentation, then I have only several days to go with my preferred 3rd party protection - Upsie.



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      • gramps28

        Re: Unknown Device | Imei | insurance?

        Contact T-Force using messenger on Facebook and request the info from them.


        Tmobile logs all the imei numbers that you have used on your account and which one is active.

        • magenta4627290



          1) After a bit of discussion, T-Force via facebook was able to confirm and provide me the log for the IMEI for my OnePlus 6 that's associated with my line.  This should be sufficient documentation for insurance, but since this is just research and I don't actually need to process a claim, my hope will be that a screen shot of this sort of discussion with T-Force should be sufficient.


          2) In response to gramps28 question of a screenshot with the IMEI: You actually make a great point - since the IMEI displays under phone number in the screenshot.  The only problem I would see, particularly with Wells Fargo insurance, is that they probably would want to know (in an effort to reduce fraud) that your IMEI was associated with the phone number at the time of any incident. But I am just guessing there.


          Anyway, thanks for the help and hopefully this helps someone else out in the future!