Checking roaming data.


    Signed up for pre-paid plan on 7/28/18. Currently with Verizon and trying to determine if I’ll switch to T-Mobile 55+. The service seems pretty good. I’m particularly interested in the data I’ll have when I’m in Canada. I live near Buffalo. I can cross over 20 minutes from my house.


    My problem is the customer service and the app. I was on Twitter with a slew of reps last night for 3 hours trying to get into the app on my phone. Didn’t get there. Then, when I asked the difference on my account between data used and total data used, I got an answer I didn’t understand at all but was too tired to persue.


    I can get into my account on the web but don’t find much info. Is there a way I can find the amount of roaming data I used. I know I used some yesterday because the phone showed I was on AT&T but nothing about roaming shows on the account.


    I tried accessing info on the web but keep getting messages that something went wrong and I should try later.


    The frustration level is building. I have none of this with Verizon so at this point I’m starting to feel like I should pay a higher price where I am and avoid the frustration.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Checking roaming data.

        Your question is a little confusing but I can answer your question about the 55+ plan in Canada. I'm on the 55+ plan and roaming in Canada is "like home". Calls and texts to and from Canada are like in the US. Data is high speed but limited to 5 GB, after which it's "2G Speed".

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        • magenta5678492

          Re: Checking roaming data.

          Sorry about getting long winded. My problem is not knowing how much of my roaming allotment (domestic) is left. I can access my account online. It shows Data - 579.4MB Unlimited. It also shows Total Data - 607.4MB (all on network data).


          I get 100MB roaming data. At least I think I do. But nowhere does anything about roaming data show on my account.


          Hope  I was clear this time.

          • magenta5678492

            Re: Checking roaming data.

            That’s just nuts. There is a limit on the amount of roaming data but you can only find out by calling or waiting for the alert that says 80% is gone. Each time I’ve called T-Mobile I get a recording saying how long the wait is. Each time the wait has exceeded 30 minutes. Adding this info to the app or website only makes sense.