I need a corporate number


    My issue goes back to April 2018. Somehow T mobile took a payment of 150.00 off my card and applied it to somebody else's acct. Tmobile did apply that payment to my acct. On August 1 2018, I went in to check and pay my tmobile bill, to my surprise they added the 150.00 back to my acct on July 24th. saying my bank returned it to me. Never happened, I was asked to FAX my bank statements to Tmobile showing April and July to show It was never returned by my bank, I didn't dispute through my bank. I did that after having to go to 2 tmobile stores to fax. The first wouldn't help and the second I had to show them how to use the fax machine. Now Tmobile is saying I need to fax a complete 2 months worth of bank statements, unaltered. I keep underlining fax because I think I should be able to email or Tmobile should except the documents that were faxed to them. I do not want to fax my bank statements with my acct number and all transactions for 2 months. I feel it is an invasion of privacy. I have already faxed to much info to tmobile who allowed a payment to be taken off my card over the phone for someone else's acct. I have been a good customer of tmobile for 3 years and have purchased 2 phones in that time. I can take my business to another company if I can't get this resolved. I would like a corporate number or email. Faxing is a old way of doing things and a large company like Tmobile should have a email address not a fax and the fact that I can't speak to someone in the department that I need to fax to is very unprofessional.

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