I wish T-Mobile offered a kid smart watch/gps tracker like VW does.


    Does anyone know of a smart watch for kids that is compatible with T-Mobile? I found many different options on Amazon but not sure which one is compatible with T-Mobile. My son is only 7 so I don't want to get him a phone yet and the smartwatch would be perfect for him and me for the next couple of years. Verizon
    Wireless offers one; however, I am a loyal T-Mobile customer and don't want to switch carriers.

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      • tmo_chris

        If you are looking for something simple that you can track from your device, you may want to look into some GPS tags that can be put on a key ring or in a wallet. We do sell the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 which can be used in a stand alone mode with with own rate plan but you would need to pair it with your phone and the Gear app in order to locate it.

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          • magenta5778042

            I appreciate your feedback; however, he is 7 years old so he doesn't use a

            wallet or key chain that's why a wearable device like a watch designed for

            kids would best meet our needs. And Samsung's Gear 3 is much more expensive

            and provide a lot more functionality than what he would need. Plus I'm not

            even sure one would fit on his little arm.

              • tmo_chris

                Yeah The Smart watches are going to be pretty expensive. I did some Google searching and found some pretty cool bracelet type trackers. You may want to look into a Fitbit too.

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                  • jennineidlinger

                    I have been a T-Mobile customer for 15+ years and it breaks my heart that I have to take my business to Verizon to get what I need for my 7 year old, too.  There just isn't any device on the market, available via T-mobile, that compares to the LG GizmoGadget that Verizon offers.  At 7, my kiddo is not ready for a cell phone.  Even then, T-Mobile's huge lack of parental control options mean that even that won't be an option for many years.  Having the ability to gps track my kiddo and check in with her gives me the peace of mind I need to know that she makes it home from school, down the street to her friend's house, or is safe riding her bike around the neighborhood, giving her a sense of independence like I had as a kid, but making me feel better in a world that seems a little scarier now than before.  I really think T-Mobile is missing a huge opportunity by not having a comparable product offering!  I'm hoping that if enough parents chime in, T-Mobile might do something about it. 

                      • magenta5778042

                        I couldn't have said it better @jennineidlinger! I agree with everything

                        you said 100%.  I hope this message or our feedback will get back to the

                        powers that be at T-Mobile so they will know what their customers are

                        asking for or would like for them to offer. Like yourself, I am hoping

                        other parents that have these same thoughts/opinions will chime in as well

                        because I know they're out there. 


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                          • jennineidlinger

                            magenta5778042, just an FYI.  I love T-Mobile and don't want to move our (the adults' lines, we have a total of 10 lines between two accounts in our names), so I found someone with a Verizon account to add a line for the LG Gizmo Gadget for me.  It's going to cost $5 per month on their plan, which I feel is well worth it for my peace of mind! The device itself was $49.99 (its on sale) with a $30 activation fee.  I really like it- it's exactly what I wanted for my 7 year old.  The GPS trackers available off network and the products that were suggested by the T-Mobile folks above just don't fit our needs.  The app was easy to download to our Samsung Galaxy 8s via T-Mobile and the Gizmo syncs with them just fine.  Too well, in my opinion, as she has called me about a dozen times already this morning and sent me WAY too many messages.  LOL!  So, its not via T-Mobile, but it is compatible.  I just wish T-Mobile would offer the same thing!