Disappointing Tourist Plan


    After ordering the Tourist Plan Sim Kit online and having it sent to my US adress I experienced a lot of disappointing things


    * the online odering could not be done with an european credit card - you need an US card to pay online (which tourists do have???)

    * they only send the kit to US adresses (which tourist does have???)

    * you dont get any eMail confirmation or so - you need to print or screenshot the order summary to see details of your order (unprofessional!)

    * the tourist plan was advertised wth 35$ but a 10$ SIM Card fee was charged additionally although it should be an all-inclusive plan?


    Now comming to the worst;


    * the online store says you need to activate the SIM card by phone or in a store

    * in reality the tourist plan period of 21 days started not with the activation but earlier with the ordering date or shipment date...

    * so in my case the period ended just 14 days after activation, not the promised 21 days (what would happen if I would have order even two weeks earlier? Would the plan be expired bevore I even arrived in the US?)

    * after consulting a T-Mobile shop they acknowledged the mistake but are unwilling to give any compensation


    So basically you T-Mobile guys can delete this product from your online shop with so many bugs in the whole process. It might work better if the tourist buys this directly in a shop - I haven't tried this...


    So far my conclusion: never again.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Disappointing Tourist Plan

        I am very sorry you had such a rough experience getting started with our service during your visit. We appreciate you feedback regarding the limitations of online ordering with a foreign address and card but that is currently the expected behavior. There is nothing wrong with planning ahead so that you have less to do once you arrive but in your situation, ordering the tourist plan in a store when you arrive is going to be the best experience.