Calls go straight to voicemail - phone doesn't ring (Samsung S6 on Nougat)


    About 2 1/2 weeks ago, I started missing calls because my phone wasn't ringing and calls went straight to voicemail.


    For some of the calls that come in (including Telemarketers unfortunately), I hear the ringtone while others go straight to voicemail. A work colleague has called me and a few times the phone rang and the rest of the time his calls went to voicemail. It appears to be completely random and not associated with certain numbers, people in my contact list or calls during certain times of the day.


    I've had my phone for about 9-10 months and although I had other notification issues with it (which I eventually solved), I always heard a ring tone when a call was coming in up until about 2-3 weeks ago.


    I've checked all my settings and did some troubleshooting of my own

    1. Volume for all notifications is turned up (Do not disturb is OFF)

    2. I don't have any calls blocked

    3. I don't have call forwarding (in fact, that option doesn't even appear on my phone in the settings menu! What's up with that?)

    4. I don't have any apps blocking or monitoring incoming phone calls

    5. I can make outgoing calls

    6. I've turned the phone off and rebooted it (no change)

    7. I've removed the SIM card and put it back in followed by a reboot (no change)


    Furthermore, some of the calls that come in (when the phone doesn't ring) don't show up in my call log so I have no idea who called or when. If they leave a voicemail, then the voicemail eventually shows up in the call log but not all calls show up in the call log! That too appears to be random.


    I called T-Mobile Customer Service and got someone off-shore who was clueless and told me to reset my phone to factory settings and sent me instructions for a Galaxy S3 (I have an S6).


    I use my phone for business and I can't afford to miss important calls! Any help is greatly welcome and appreciated.


    Thank you!

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey lukkyme


        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I am sorry to hear that your phone is missing some calls! Typically when an issue is intermittent like this. it is usually a signal related issue. I know it is hard to tell when you are missing a call cause well.... you can't see it on your phone but do you recall any instances of this happening in real time? If so, how many bars of signal did your phone show that you had at that time? Does this issue seem to happen more often when you are in a specific area?

        • lukkyme

          Hey Chris,

          Thanks for getting back to me! I wasn't holding my phone when the missed calls came in real time because I'm not surgically attached to my phone. I just check it when I hear an email, txt msg or phone call come in.  But every single time I missed a call, I was at home and I'm usually connected to Wifi. Either way, emails and txt msg's always come through - and when the caller leaves a voicemail, I get the notification ringtone as soon as they do. Since I'm receiving all these other messages, wouldn't that rule out the signal-related issue?


          Fwiw, yesterday I heard the phone ring during a call and today I asked a friend of mine to call and I heard the ringtone again - but I don't receive a ton of calls, so I don't know whether it was a fluke or if my phone mysteriously fixed itself! I've been troubleshooting my phone by trying a few different thing like turning off the Wifi and the calls that came in since I did that have rung... but before this problem started happening, I always had Wifi ON and incoming calls were ringing. So honestly I don't know if Wifi has anything to do with it. I prefer to have that ON when I'm home for obvious reasons..


          Was T-Mobile experiencing signal problems the past 2-3 weeks? Or any issues with incoming calls when WiFi is turned on?

          • magenta1758752

            I am having the exact same issue as described above. Some calls make it through but many do not and go straight to voicemail. Text messages are also seeing 30 min delays. This is a recent issue occurring only within the last month. I have changed phones and sims to troubleshoot privately. This is a T-Mobile network issue. If this problem persists I am changing providers. I cannot afford to have half of my incoming calls going straight to voicemail with no notification on my end.

            • jack612

              I'm having the exact same issue at my house and my office. I will have the phone right next to me on my desk and I'll get a notification that I have a voicemail without the phone ever ringing. Always when I'm connected to wifi.

                • magenta7033463

                  Anyone got a fix? I call, (my new T-Mobile S8+  International, w/Android 8) from my landline, and the S8+ doesn't ring; it always goes straight to voicemail. Voice mail does work. I connect via WiFi from my PC. I get the same results if I connect via the USB cable.


                  When I got it last week I took it to T-Mobile, Hilo, HI and they registered the SIM card. They said the problem was because it was an International version. The Amazon seller, Matt, replied: "Hello, I don't know what this T-mobile guy told you but of course the phone has WiFi. I've never heard something like that. Just go to the settings and there at the connections you will find Wifi and you can connect the phone to any Wifi you want."

                • amyren

                  The solution is turn your wi-fi off.


                  Your phone is confused whether it should use wi-fi or cellular data. If you have enough cellular data, then only use that. If you do not have enough cellular data then you may want to go into your phone's settings, and update connections to call over wi-fi only (if you're desperate). Allowing your phone to choose between wi-fi and cellular is a nightmare. Both of my parents have had this issue in the last month, and I told each of them to turn off their wi-fi and the problem was fixed instantly in both cases.


                  Additional benefit - In general, your phone's battery is drained when it is searching for wi-fi, so you might save yourself a recharge too.


                  Good luck!

                  • magenta3277831

                    My husband is also having this issue on his Samsung S8. Every call goes directly to voicemail. It started about a week ago and we cannot figure out why or how to stop it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.