Branched from an earlier discussion.

Re: Why do the No Credit Check plans not allow Autopay?


    Let me join in and say that this is absolutely ridiculous and will probably push me over to AT&T sooner rather than later. I signed my daughter and I up for service on two phones we already had, so T-Mobile isn't extending us any credit whatsoever. My credit is frozen with all three agencies because 1) Duh and 2) Home Depot, Equifax, etc. etc. and it's just too much of a pain to go through getting a temporary unlock PIN just for this nonsense.


    @T-Mobile, stop treating those of us that want to pay as we go and/or have frozen our credit reports like second-class citizens, especially if you're not LENDING anything to us! Quite frankly, if an intelligent store employee hadn't thought of the pre-paid plans, I'd be on AT&T already because there was no way I was going to unlock credit reporting for this.


    No other vendor I work with requires a credit check simply to set up autopay. That's my own line of credit I'd be putting in there to pay you, my credit card. I suspect you're just data-mining your customers for information you don't have a right to possess.


    Finally, also on the subject of privacy: I run our broadband through a VPN so that Comcast nor anyone else can snoop on our traffic. T-Mobile won't let me log into my account from any computer that's running through that VPN. That VPN is for my privacy, T-Mobile, and your ham-fisted use of grey/blacklists (lots of bad actors do so from behind VPNs too) is not appreciated. That's a second black mark. Don't make me go back to the Deathstar.