V30 Android Pie


    Google has officially released Android Pie today.  When can we expect it to be released for the V30? 


    It took roughly 9 months for Oreo to be released for the V30. This better not be a repeat of that debacle. There's no reason why this should take longer than a couple months if both companies are serious about keeping their high-end phone customers and keeping them happy. 


    Unlike the Oreo release, please keep us completely informed throughout this entire process.  Tell us now what the current plan is, the date that the current beta tests are expected, as well as the date the final release is expected.  When these dates change, please let us know immediately and tell us the reason(s) why. 


    Your company should strive to not only be the Uncarrier but also strive to be Transparent.  You're a great company that works hard on getting new customers.  Don't neglect and potentially lose the ones you already have.

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