Charge me twice for the same bill


    I have been a T-Mobile customer on July 10th and I switch my phone number from AT&T to T-Mobile on that day. After a few days, I have received a mail from T-Mobile about current charges. I mail a check to T-Mobile, but after a week, T-Mobile charged me again on automatic payment. Now, I looked up my bank transaction history, it shows that on July 23th, I have been charged twice for my bill $12.30. I have called Customer Service and asking for refunds, but they said that the system didn't show any information about the bill so they can't help me for refunding and suggested me go back to the T-Mobile store for help. I did go back to the T-Mobile store, but the staff said that they are unable to refund the bill and suggested me called back the Customer Service again. I gave a call to Customer Service. finally, I still got the same response as the first time I have called, Their system shows that there is nothing about this bill. I am so disappointed and it wasted me a lot of time. It makes me feel like so dark. The company charge my money twice and then said no information/payment about this bill?Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.13.36 PM.pngWechatIMG53.jpeg

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