3 numbers on 2 accounts, nothing working - what do I do now?


    I set up a T-Mobile PayGo account and ported in a phone number.


    Got a sim card in the mail, but I lost it (thanks to my granddaughter and her friends).


    I called T-Mobile and went through 3 or 4 different departments, then ended up with somebody who SAID that he cancelled the original number, set up a new account, got a payment from me, and assigned me a temporary number.  Everything worked fine, but I wanted the number I had ported in. 


    He told me that when I got the new sim, I should put it in the phone and activate it, then call Customer Service and have the "old" number transferred to my new sim card.


    Did that, but was told the new Prepaid billing system wouldn't let them transfer the number.  After an hour, I got a NEW temporary number in my area code and was told to call back the next day.  Phone stopped working when the new number was assigned.


    Called back, spent 4.5 hours on the phone with 5 or 6 different people (overseas call center eventually figured out they couldn't help, transferred me to another overseas center who also eventually figured out they couldn't help, transferred to a U.S. call center (Number Transfer Center) who eventually thought they fixed the problem but ended up with no service at all, call got dropped, went through the same process all over again, NTC said the issue was referred to the Help Desk (but no ticket # given).


    Can't get into MyT-Mobile, can't do anything with the phone.  But I have faith - proably a sign of dementia or mental illness - that T-Mobile will eventually figure out how to match up my ported number with the sim card I have.  Eventually.


    I have ANOTHER phone, and I want to get service on THAT phone, with a DIFFERENT number I want to port in.  But I don't think that's a good idea until the current mess is cleaned up.  Any ideas?????

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