Hey, T-Mobile Community! Not sure if you all know this, but August is home to two pretty amazing holidays! On 8/8, we have "World Cat Day", and on 8/26, we have "National Dog Day". We know that cats have typically ruled the internetz since its inception, but we wanted to run a little contest to settle the debate. With August being Back to School month, what more appropriate prizes are there than a couple of sweet T-Mobile backpacks?!




    The contest:

    Starting today, 8/3/2018, through 8/26/2018, we want to see pictures of your furry family members! If you don't have a cat or a dog, you can post a picture of a friend's/family member's four-legged buddy, or any picture of your favorite cat or dog.


    Basically, if you're a cat person, post a picture of a feline, and if you're a dog person, post a picture of a canine. We'll tally up the submissions and whichever species gets the most pictures posted will be the winning team. Then we'll pick 2 random submissions from that group as the contest winners, and announce them here in the Magenta Lounge.


    How to play:

    1. Determine if you are a cat person or a dog person (this is a tough one).
    2. Take a picture of your cat or dog or find your favorite cat/dog picture.
    3. Post the picture in the comments below. Feel free to tell us a little about the subject of your photo as well!



    1. Photos must be posted before 11:59 PM ET 8/26/2018 to qualify
    2. Cat/Dog memes are also completely acceptable.
    3. Full list of rules can be found here Support Community Cats vs Dogs Sweesptakes Rules

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