Data/money thieves


    So T mobile, kept pushing the "one"plan which I didn't need. Now after hours on the phone with them, I am told that both of my data stashed are used up when I know that's false. After inquiring over and over how to see my stash balance and getting false answers, one rep finally admitted there's no where to see the balance.

    So 1st they take away the way to keep tabs on balances then turn around and say it's used up? That is done shady s#*!. If a bank said "hey you can't check you balance, just keep depositing money" then all of a sudden they say hey there's no money in your account, when you know you didn't spend it, you think that's acceptable?

    The entire 2 years with this company I get way too many texts from them re: bills, data usage, overages, then it of the blue not only did I use up my monthly data, but also ALL  my stash? Better better yet, my daughter's line which hovered between 20-30gb of data stash, all of a sudden has the same thing and ribs out of data stash with NO TEXT warnings our anything else? BS!

    YOU GUYS ARE THIEVES and I'll be going else where.

    Thank god I found this out right before going to buy more $1,000 phones from this dishonest company.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Data/money thieves

        Hey, magenta5751358!


        I truly want to help get this straightened out because it sounds like you had a ton of data saved up and now it's gone. Did you switch to the T-Mobile ONE plan while on the phone with them? If so, moving to the T-Mobile ONE plan is likely why this happened because you have unlimited data therefore no use for a data stash. This definitely should've been presented to you prior to switching your plan and our T-Force team (Facebook/Twitter) can review your account to see if you're able to switch back.


        Was anyone able to get your data stash amount back if you didn't switch over to the T-Mobile ONE plan?


        I do want to call out that you have excellent feedback regarding what you should be able to view/have access to on your My T-Mobile account. The ability to view your data stash should be easily available.

          • magenta5751358

            Re: Data/money thieves

            I absolutely did NOT switch ANYTHING, and a person told me that my data

            stash expires in 12 mos. Not the accrued data itself  but the data stash

            part/service of my plan. Which is bs i told her I've had it over 2 years,

            and never had to "re-add" it to my plan. That's just sounds ridiculous.

            And even this was after 3-4 people tried to convince me that my daughter

            and i BOTH conveniently ran thru ALL of our data AND data stash!

            I am HIGHLY upset about this. I paid for that data and plan! And it just

            vanishes with NO WARNING? That is THEFT.