3 months into new service and still no $650 prepaid card




    I switched to T-Mobile back in May under the promo of receiving a $650 prepaid card for sending a iphone X to T-Mobile and transferring a line over.  The iphone X was received on 19 Jun - tracking (tracking #: 1ZRV91769096804727) and I was told we would receive the prepaid card within a couple weeks.  After having not received anything by July, I called again and this time was advised to send an email to tmsolutions@yaengage.com, and I would receive the $650 card within 30 days.  I still have not received anything, and after multiple trips to the local T-Mobile outlet, and multiple phone calls to service reps, each telling me a different way to complete the process for the Promo, I have completely lost faith in customer service. This forum is my last resort before really taking serious steps with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission for faulty advertising.

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