Phone Unlock


    I fully paid off my phone and had it unlocked for when i travel. Had to return it because it was defective and got a replacement, i keep on calling and messaging and i keep on getting told it'll be unlocked in 72 hours but didn't happen! Next the person told me in 24 hours. Then another one told me because the phone hasn't been active on my account for 40.days, i explained because it was a replacement that i ordered and picked up in store! Then now wait another 72 hours! I'm flying out in less than 2.weeks and i'll be gone for 3 weeks! It'll be fly out and this.still hasn't been resolved. This is too much to call back all the time to try and get a phone unlocked considering i paid it off! Next time i'll buy one factory unlocked if it's going to be this hard buying a phone from you guys and getting it unlocked! Never had this issue with at&t.

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