Disgusted T-mobile customer


    I have spent countless hours on the phone with customer support and was told my account would be erased and no charges would be incurred only to find out that my account was sent to collection. Tmobile claims they sent me a cell phone booster in the mail many years ago.  they claimed i didn't return this piece of equipment when I canceled my service. I explained that I never received nor used any booster equipment. They said they had no proof I received it so would cancel the charge. Then of course I hear from a collection agency for said non returned cell booster.


    This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced which is why we left them after 14 years. They have no place to email a complaint so your only option is to spend hours on the phone with them to get nowhere! You have no proof of your correspondence since there is no way to email them. I've written a snail mail letter which goes to some abyss of a P.O box.


    There are no words for this level of corporate raping of its customers. They hold you hostage to something you don't owe by threatening your credit rating.

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