Why is the S9 missing some features that other versions had?? (S9 issues)


    So I upgraded from a J7 to the S9, and I was surprised that my J7 has some features or better performance on certain things that the S9 does not. I have the T-Mobile version of the S9 with the July 2018 security update installed, but I have found that it's still missing some things I would like.


    **On the J7, I could set a different ringtone and message notification sound for different contacts. This is quite convenient while working bc I know who is contacting me without picking up my phone. However, the S9 only allows me to set a different ringtone for contacts; the option to set a different message notification sounds is missing in the contacts.


    **My S9 does not have a widget for Hotspot. On the J7, I had a nice Hotspot widget that simply turned the Hotspot on/off with one click. The S9 does not have this in the widget options. So I sent the Mobile Hotspot Settings shortcut to my main screen, but it takes me 4 clicks to get it turned on instead of just 1 - which is an annoyance.


    **Call waiting is annoying on the S9. I like to play games on my phone sometimes. So it is nice that when an incoming call comes in, a banner pops up along the top of my screen to allow me to accept or decline the call without taking over my game app and sending it to the background. I don't particularly like that if I accept the call, it will then send my app to the background and bring the phone call app to the foreground, but I can deal with it. What I do not like is that when I am already on a call and using an app at the same time, when another call comes in on call waiting, I do not get a banner with the accept/decline option. On the S9, call waiting calls automatically take over and send your app to the background - even if you want to decline the call. The J7 had this banner for both (the first incoming call and any further call waiting calls). This is particularly annoying while playing a game and especially when you don't even want to take that second call coming in.


    **Not sure what is going on with the battery life of my brand new phone. Before I upgraded, I was still using the original battery in my 1.5 year old J7. Of course, it had weakened over time, but I could still use it to play games, message, and talk on the phone while needing to recharge it only once per day. My brand new battery requires 2 charges per day - sometimes 3 - for the same usage as before. I tend to use the exact same apps on the S9 as I did on the J7.


    **I don't particularly like that while using the Samsung stock message app, the sticker shortcut is inside the text input box. On the J7, the emoji shortcut was inside that box. I use emojis far more often than stickers or GIFs. I would rather quickly tap the shortcut for emojis while typing a message, and I haven't found a way that I can switch this. I checked all of the settings. Now, it takes a couple of extra clicks to insert emojis into my text messages.


    **The Samsung speech to text does not perform well. On the J7, I used Google speech to text, and I loved it. My messages typically did not need edits or sometimes just needed edits with proper nouns (names and such). The Samsung voice to text tends to be way off. The messages are not sendable the way they come out. It is frustrating while having busy hands. I know I can probably find a way to use a google keyboard and google voice again, but I thought I would make note about the Samsung version.


    **On the S9, people tell me that they cannot hear me well while using my speakerphone. There are times when speakerphone is quite useful, but it is frustrating if people cannot make out what I am saying. It's pointless actually.


    **I am about to activate another S9 in my household, and I have read that people are having issues with calls from S9 to S9. Right now I do not call any other S9s, so I have not experienced this issue, but I will soon find out. Crossing my fingers on this one!!


    Overall, I like Bixby - trying to get more acquainted with her and all of her functionalities. I like the camera. I know there are many features that are an upgrade from my J7, but the lack of features/performance listed above, affect my day-to-day usage of my phone. It is weird to upgrade and then feel annoyed by all the small things it does not do.

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