Water in ubs port


    The last three days I have been getting the water detected in USB port warning every time I try to charge my phone. I have been able to eventually charge but it takes multiple attempts. I have not been able to fully charge it. The highest charge I could was 97% with in two hours I was down to 78%.

    I am evening getting the warning when I am not charging. My wife has not come into contact with water. I have used a hair dryer on low and have carefully blown over the ubs port and the USB cable making sure everything is dry.

    This morning I factory reset hoping it was a software issue.

    It didn't work

    I don't know what else to do. I am something like a 100 miles from a tmobile store. I am in the heart of Sprint & At&t land.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Water in ubs port

        One of the best ways to remove moisture is to hold an item under a partial vacuum for over an hour. Unfortunately, most people don't have a way to do this. I'm lucky in that my brother-in-law uses vacuum molding in his shop and has a vacuum pump. About the only thing the average household might have that could accomplish the job is a vacuum food packing system. You have to leave the pump running to remove the moisture as it vaporizes.

        • smplyunprdctble

          Re: Water in ubs port

          LG G6 won't charge, says moisture detected when dry. What to do?  has several ideas


          Ultimate fix for moisture detected! : lgg6  has an interesting idea


          If you go to the Googles and search 'lg g6 water detected in charging port', there's a ton of ideas to try.  Some are even saying LG will fix it for free. YMMV.

          • joe1994

            Re: Water in ubs port

            Okay so yesterday my phone completely ran out of power. When I went to charge I automatically got the water in USB port warning. I got on a computer and did a search. I saw several post about the phone and bag of rice. A few about using a computer and restarting in safe mode. So last I plugged my phone in to charge after reading several post and once again I got the message. I unplugged the USB cable and plugged it back in , I then held the phone straight up against the wall and waited for several minutes

            Before long the phone was 7%. So I propped the phone up and left it. At around 43% I got the moisture detected warning. So I unplugged it started it up and power off and restarted in safe mode. I power off again and plugged the phone into charge, I reposition the phone and left it. It charge to 84% and I got the moisture warning. I reposition the phone and it started to charge. Eventually I got to 100%. . I am still getting the moisture warning but now it's going away, so praise God for small miracles.

            • joe1994

              Re: Water in ubs port

              The problem return with a vengeance. Yesterday about ten minutes after I unplugged my phone, the error message moisture detected in USB port returned and would not go away. I restarted the phone it came right back.

              Besides the moisture issue coming back. I began having serious battery drain issue, within an after unplugging it was down to 83% battery life an hour later I was in the 70's and in hour after that I was down in the 60% battery range. It level off and the drain slowed.

              I was finally able to get the moisture message to go away. But it came back. 

              I got a break yesterday T-Mobile open an actual store in the town I am currently in.

              So I took my phone over. They checked the phone and found no water inside. They did find the port had a tiny bit of corrosion on it. I was told to get some to get alcohol wipes and a papperclip. I was told to gently clean around the port and let it dry. I cleaned the phone USB port, I cleaned the USB cable, the part that plugs into the phone I even cleaned the part that plugs into the charger. I waited till everything was dried and plugged in my phone which by this time was dead.

              Right the moisture warning came back and the phone would not charge. So I went and got a new USB cable. I plugged it in and the problem was solved. Phone charge to 100% with in two hours.  Okay so I had a bad USB cable.

              This morning I plugged my phone in when it hit around 19% battery life and right away the moisture warning came back. Even my trick of positioning the phone in different position doesn't seem to be working as well as it had the first few times I tried it.

              So now I don't know what to do. Everything seems to be a temporary fix

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Water in ubs port

                Hey joe1994 


                Sorry to hear you are having so many issues trying to charge your phone! The community pillars here have some great suggestions! How long ago did you purchase this phone? Do you know if you have our insurance plan on your line?

                  • joe1994

                    Re: Water in ubs port

                    I purchase the phone in January. I do have insurance on the phone. I am away from home right now, so I am kind of stuck with it. There is a T-Mobile store close by but they only have the LG G7 and one other LG phone. In fact the phone selection was limited. I am able to charge. I am still getting the error message at random. I had the phone inspected and there is zero water damage.

                    I am hoping in the next month or so to switch to the note 8.