I'm locked-out of my T-Mobile, Samsung account!  Help?


    My T-Mobile account is registered under my cousins name, as an auxiliary user.  I have a Samsung phone, and can provide any necessary information on any of this plan.  I was, I thought, creating a password for another app, and it somehow became the password for my phone!!  Now, I can't find the paper I wrote the password on!  Please help me get my phone mess fixed.  I await your reply!  Thanks in advance,  DR

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      • stevetjr

        This is a user support forum and the T-Mobile employees that are here don't have any account access.  From your description even T-Mobile customer service wouldn't be able to help you because they won't have access to or know your Samsung account password.  Have you tried the password reset option via Samsung's account website?  Usually there are some security questions and it will let you reset your Samsung Password.