Completely locked out of T-Mobile service and My T-Mobile account.


    I'm going to try to provide as concise a backstory as possible.


    This weekend phone worked perfectly fine, no hiccups, service great, all is well. Well this morning, I wake up to find that I forgot to pay my bill (I'm a prepaid customer) and didn't put a card on for autopay. No issues, I think and I try dialing 611 to make a payment. It tells me "Your call cannot be completed at this time, please contact the account owner if you have questions." I AM the account owner is the issue. It then automatically sends a text from 8900 saying "Free TMO Msg: Your monthly payment is due. To make a payment dial *233 or redeem a refill card or to make a collect call with 1-800-COLLECT just dial *182." Problem is that trying both of those numbers gives the same message and resends that text.


    Trying to send a text I get a message "Free Msg: Unable to send message - Message Blocking is active." I cannot get any incoming texts or calls confirmed with my spouse.


    I eventually use a different phone to make my payment, it says it'll post in a couple hours and I'll get email and text notifications of payment received. Not only have I not received any notification of payment received, I checked my statement history today and I have been charged TWICE for a payment I only submitted once.


    I contacted Tech Support who actually made it possible to make phone calls out for a couple of minutes, but then they reversed whatever they did to fix it despite me saying it fixed that fraction of the issue. They then submitted a ticket and gave me the ticket # and said they'd be in touch.


    On top of all of this, I cannot access my My T-mobile account at all. Logging in gives me this message: "Oh no! You are not authorized to access this account. If you are the account owner, please dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or 1-877-778-2106 from a non T-Mobile phone. You can also use one of the links below to continue: " with links to support references. And again I am the account owner and the only line on my prepaid account.


    So basically, I've been charged twice today for service that is completely not working and am completely unable to use my t-mobile service or access my account page directly to put a card on autopay or check current info on my account at all. Is there anyone from T-Mobile able to assist me or at least reverse one of my two charges from today? Thanks in advance.

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