Customer Service payed to wrong account with my card details.


    Hi Team,


    I recharged my number ***-***-**** with around $47. Before I recharged I talked to Customer Service on phone. They took my debit card details and charged to another number. I dont know why they payed to another number instead of paying to my number which I did not ask them to do. Please cancel the payment made to that number immediately. I am in India now so I cannot access my US T-Mobile number.



    I called back to Customer Service. They transferred to Payment Department. Payment department transferred to Customer Service. Customer Service again asked me to tell Payment Department to cancel Payment made. All this took more than 30 minutes. And again I called Bank of America to cancel this payment.. That took again 27 minutes. It is extremely frustrating customer service. The transaction made using my debit card is still not cancelled. Please cancel this payment immediately.


    Please send email to ************




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