Galaxy s9+ issues with Syncing


    Hello, I've been dealing with issues since mid to late May.


    I'll start by saying I've factory reset my phone multiple times (even got a new device because of the issue)


    After the t-mobile update in May, my Blackberry Work (e-mail app) stopped syncing e-mails, I couldn't nor can I manually sync them either. I un-installed the app and got a new security token, same issue. For a day or so I though it was just my work e-mails not syncing till I realized also my Gmail widget had stopped syncing as did my Gmail app. A few other apps also were no longer syncing.


    At this time I did your normal trouble shooting...


    Wipe phone cache partision

    Delete app cache and storage

    uninstall applications

    Factory reset phone



    After all else failed I took it in to T-mobile filed a claim and got a new device. Received the device promptly the next day proceeded to set it up. VIOLA set it up and everything is back to normal. Few weeks pass and I get the message that T-mobile has an update to install yada... yada... yada... I choose install over night, wake up the next morning and...... BAM! like a smack in the face back to the same issue.


    Now I have been going for another month + with the same issue (it's a major pain cause I am in IT I rotate on-call and because my e-mail doesn't sync I have to sit near my computer for 5 days pretty much)


    Has anyone else experienced syncing issues or something similar and found a cause?


    I've had most every galaxy since the S3 and have always loved them but geeze it may be time to ditch T-mobile and Samsung at this rate.

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