I am charged more than $16000 for using 1.6GB data with Simple Choice plan for hotspot device in Canada


    I signed on the $10 for 2GB T-mobile simple choice plan before started vacation in Canada. During about 20 days period I used about 1.6GB data flow. Now I received a bill with amount more $16000. I called the T-Mobile support and was told that it was roaming charging, and it is legit charge.

    I told multiple custom reps that I signed on their SIMPLE CHOICE plan, it covers north American include Mexican and Canada, but custom rep insist it is legit charge and there nothing they can do.

    I asked to speak with manager during the last call, the customer rep put me on hold for a while and came back saying that they will escalate this case to Custom Complaining department, or something like. But it will took 9 days before they will call me back.

    Did anyone experienced this kind of charge?


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