T-mobile sucks so bad. It uses the most useless login system.


    I'm a new T-mobile a customer. It has been 2 weeks since I joined and I'm yet to be able to create a website account. I've talked to countless of reps through chat, facebook, phone support. Every single time I attempt to create an online account, when I get to the 4 digit PIN number, it always says is wrong, even though my PIN is correct. I even changed my PIN through the phone system and it still says is wrong. Their system sucks so bad. It's archaic and useless.


    Worst part is once you get to the PIN option, you're screwed, you're account is now created, but since your PIN was not accepted, the system creates a "fake" ghost account, which serves no purpose. Every time you login to this account without PIN verification, you will be welcomed by a "you are not authorized". You can't do anything, you can't even log out, you actually have to clear your cookie in browser to try again. What's T-mobile solution to this? Create a pointless ticket, so the tech can delete your profile, then you try again to sign up and the same thing happens.


    Why does this system allow people to BYPASS the PIN verification and create a ghost account. It's ridiculous. Anyone can sign up for this non verified account with my name and phone in their hands. Once this dummy account is created, you're done for. You can't do anything, except contact a rep for a ticket to be created, so the geniuses at IT department, can delete this fake ghost profile.


    Instead of doing all that nonsense, how about doing their jobs and modding the login website/system, so it does NOT allow the bypass/skip of PIN verification, so you don't have to waste your time with their useless tickets.


    It's unbelievable, that in this day and age, something as basic and simple as website account creation cannot be done, begs the question, if this causes problems, what about when REAL problems arises?


    Worst part, is I had this SAME problem with metropcs, I couldn't create an account on their website, which is why I left them, and now I have the same stupid problem here.

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