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    How do I file a complaint? I have been a customer for 15 years. I bought a new phone at the end of April. I was also given the opportunity to get a new, slightly cheaper plan. Since I went with the t-mobile One plan, I was given 2 "free" tablets. I asked the gentleman at the store if there would be any charges with them. I was told no. Of course, I am now being charged for them and am told it is too late to bring them back to the store. However, I signed for the new plan in late April, and was not charged for the tablets until the end of June, which of course was beyond the 30 day return window and too late to do anything about it. Now I am being told that I will owe them $252 for 2 "free" tablets. After 15 years of wonderful customer service i feel like they are trying to scam me out of money. In addition somehow i signed up for 2 new lines that were $10 per line, for data i did not sign up for. So i cancelled that with a customer service rep. I was told everything was fine and I would be refunded $40. then my bill came and I was then charged $6 per tablet because the tablets were only free if i kept the lines. I was clearly not told this by the store manager or the previous customer service rep i spoke to. They now tell me they will not rectify the situation because I signed up for 2 new lines. So i will bide my time until the total for my electronics is less then $399, and then i will run not walk to the nearest verizon store.

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        That's a really awful experience after being with us for such a long time. I have an idea of what likely happened. For most offers like that, it's required that you sign up for data on the tablet line and keep it for the duration of the promo (most likely a 24 month EIP). Which tablets did you get? Did you only purchase the new cell phone line or did you buy a tablet in order to get the second tablet for free? Sorry for the questions, but I do wanna help sort out what happened. I will absolutely send your complaint, but I want to help get an understand of exactly which promo you've opted for.

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            Yes, when i spoke to the second customer representative, she told me that we had signed up for 2 new lines. We received alcatel tablets. It would have been nice if the store manager had told us that that was the deal. I would have refused the tablets. I had in fact refused them at first, and he said to me " They're free, why wouldn't you take them?" As you can imagine, I am now rather upset to find that he lied. Whether it was a straight lie or by omission makes no difference. We did not purchase a new cell line, we bought a new cellphone and switched to t mobile one. I understood that the promotion was for the new billing, not 2 additional lines. I already own much nicer tablets, so these serve no purpose in my home except for backups. The second problem I have is that we were told that It was past the 30 days to return them. However I find it very suspicious that the billing for the tablets didn't start until it was too late to take them back. 30 days would have been the end of May, but I was not billed until June. I really believe that the 30 days return period should be from the start of the billing period (the billing period you started charging me for them) not from the contract date. I have looked over the contract I signed and I did not see anywhere that is mentioned that I will be getting 2 new lines and paying an extra $20 per month for them.  Could you point that out to me? In any case, I told the customer representative that i would happily take these tablets back to the store, and return them in exchange for not paying for them any longer. I was told that was not an option. I am looking for someone to help me figure out what options are available to me other than paying $252 in charges for tablets that were "Free." To this point, no one has been able to give a single option. I appreciate your help and i look forward to hearing from you.



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                I am not sure if there is something wrong here I am confused who is Magenta5710146 I have have recently been out of town and have had issues with my cell phone.

                Please let me know I hope there hasn't been exposure to my info in anyway and this Magenta doesn't have access to my accounts.

                Please respond I am very concerned.

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                  The closest off I could find is our Get an Alcatel A30 TABLET on us . This offer does mention having a data feature on the tablet line. If this isn't the offer you were given, we'd need you to reach out to our Care team. They'll look at your account for that day and see what notes were left about what was set up specifically on your account. My apologies for what happened but thanks for explaining things so thoroughly.