Lame AF Unlocking Policy


    Whoever came up with the bright idea for all the unlocking requirements needs his or her skull thumped straight up! If one fulfills their EIP agreement then that should suffice. What were they smoking when they decided that 40 days shall also be a requirement? The main thing is that once you pay off your device, it's officially the consumers property and the request should be honored without hesitation.

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      • gramps28

        Re: Lame AF Unlocking Policy

        It's to deter people from buying phones at full price , requesting unlock codes and never having  to use the

        phones on the Tmobile network. Such as tourist who want to buy phones in the USA since they're cheaper

        or someone from AT&T who wants an iPhone when they first come out

        but they're back ordered on AT&T but not on Tmobile.


        The 40 days require that gets at least 2 months of usage/payment on their network.

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        • dc5fan

          Re: Lame AF Unlocking Policy

          And in my case I have a Pay As You Go $3 a month plan. On Dec 30, 2017 I purchased a T-Mobile LG Stylo 3 Plus for $278 that included the nano SIM card. I have to wait a year before I can have my phone unlocked. I knew the policy when I bought the phone. I did my homework before I left AT&T after 14 years.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Lame AF Unlocking Policy

            We appreciate the feedback. I can't say the policy will change, but I can let our internal folks know about your thoughts on the 40 day requirement. Thanks.