iPhone BOGO trade-in issue with order


    I placed my order over the phone for 2 iPhones about 2 weeks ago. I mentioned the iPhone promo when ordering, but for some reason the trade-in was not arranged at the time of the order. Ive been trying to arrange trade in, i keep getting transferred between departments, the sales department says the care team should have no issues adding it to the order, the care department says they cant do it. The chat reps in the app say no problem, but a care rep needs to do it. I asked to be transfered to a supervisor since i've been on the phone for like 2 hours now, and he transferred me to retentions. Im not going to give up. Any advice?

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      • magenta5683707

        Same thing happened to me.  In my case, there was no way to fix it other than to send the two new iPhones back under "Buyers Remorse" (T-Mobile pays for return shipping since it was their mistake), they credit your account, & then re accomplish the same order WITH THE IMEI # & a shipping label for the trade-in phone on the new  iPhones order.  The trade-in is supposed to be done & on the same order as the new phones.  Humongous Hassle!!!

        • magenta5745844

          I am having the exact same issue.  Was on the phone for over an hour.  I can't print the label to return the phone, for some reason I can't return to a store.  The rep on the phone kept putting me on hold, asking co-workers and said he tried to reach out to the promotions center but could get no answer.  He gave me the number and advised I should contact them as he has no solution.  He stated the original agent who took the order didn't set it up correctly.  Is there any solution to this obvious issue people are having with returning their trade in device?  I read you only have 20 days after receiving the new phones to return a phone. 

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            • magenta5682998

              T-force on twitter is what you gotta do once the order is screwed up. it was more inconvenient to return + rebuy than simply getting it fixed by them. they have to manually process the $700 credit it sounds like, but i dont care how its processed, so long as the deal works out in the end.

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            • magenta5745844

              Doing some research and looks like when you call in and do the BOGO offer there is a PROMO code NM27, started on July 20, 2018 that does not require the device trade in.  Found this by searching the docs that were sent to my email.  EIP agreement, click on the tab mobile promotions and it will automatically take you to this page.  Looks like you only get this deal with call in and wow wish I would have known this prior to all the time spent on this.  I took a picture of the offer, (show full details and it explains details in full), for my records. 

              • magenta5745844

                Thanks for the info on T-force, will keep this for future reference if necessary.  The promotion we purchased over the phone is called Local 2018 Apple port in line, code NM27, which started on 7/20/18.  This offer is only for people who did their transactions/purchases over the phone and purchased qualifying Apple phones, ported in two lines/numbers to Tmobile.  Spoke with the Promotions Center, 877-470-3619(pacific time)who confirmed that this particular promotion does not require a trade in device.  The website and in store purchases fall under a different promotion for the BOGO and those do require a trade in device.  As of now, the $700 credit card has been requested, we have a tracking number and waiting for them to process. Spent more time than I wanted on getting clarification on all of this, so hopefully this will help someone who falls under this particular promotion. 

                • rgoodman58

                  I am having issues too!  We ordered 4 phones with the BOGO iPhone promotion in June.  I was told that I would get prepaid labels with the phones, and we needed to send in 2 phones to them.  The labels did not come with the phones, so I called, and someone through Customer Service sent a shipping label to me.  I sent 2 phones back and did not hear anything. 


                  When I called again in July I kept getting passed around.  I also was on the phone for more than 1 1/2 hours!  Finally someone verified that the phones arrived and told me it should take 2 billing cycles to get my $700 cards.


                  I have now been through 2 billing cycles, so if I do not get the cards before the next bill, I will call back again.


                  They told me that customer service, marketing, and sales all have separate computer systems and don't communicate with each other.  I think this needs to be fixed!!

                  • therawdeal13

                    I recently had an issue trying to utilize the T-Mobile BOGO promotion through the Wireless Advocates at Costco.  The issues arose when the phone they sent me became defective, and I was forced to return it through Wireless Advocates.  Both Wireless Advocates and T-Mobile promised me that they would honor the BOGO when I went to purchase the exact same device to replace the defective one.  Total lie.  In the end, they refused to honor the original terms of the deal.  Terrible experience.  I would not recommend either company at this point.