Livid with T-Mobile.  iPhone 6S was stolen on 2-4-18.  I knew I had Applecare, but did not know I had insurance with it.  I purchased a new phone replacement from the local T-Mobile store, explained to them about my phone being stolen, and not once did the tell me I had insurance on the old phone.  They were happy to sell me a new phone at full price.  I learned today I have insurance ($15 per month) but it is past the 90 days to file a claim.  Why did T-Mobile not tell me about the insurance when I was in their store buying a replacement phone?  Why did the T-Mobile 1-800 number not tell me when we called them?  My fault, but is there anything that can be done?

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Insurance

        I'm so sorry to hear about your phone, having one stolen is such a bad situation.


        So you're saying that you bought a replacement back in February after the original device was stolen and didn't realize that you had insurance until now? I'm really really sorry but it's well outside of the buyers remorse period for the purchase of the device.


        My guess (and please forgive my own assumption) is that the employees you had spoken with assumed that you were aware you had insurance but wanted to upgrade your device anyway, especially if you were aware that you had Apple-care with it (which can't be purchased as a stand-alone, only as an add-on to the insurance plans for Apple devices).  It's the most likely explanation, though I'm sure it doesn't relieve your frustration and for that, I'm very sorry.


        If anything could be done, I would reach out to T-Force via Twitter or Facebook and fill them in on the situation.