Need help or advice or I will try to leave tmobile.


    So I had a family plan with my now ex boyfriend. We used to split the bill. We broke up and he won’t give me his phone, so I turned his line off. Now I’m left with a  $238 phone bill that’s just too much for me to handle alone. I did what I could do to lower the payments, not much has helped. I would rather just cancel my account with tmobile and get a prepaid phone! But from what I’m understanding is that I would have to pay for my devices if I leave. So either way I’m stuck owing lots of money I guess?? Is there any advice someone could give me?? No smarta** remarks. I know I shouldn’t have gotten a family plan with my I’m stuck suffering.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        From a T-Mobile perspective, I cannot think of anything that can help you.  His phone was turned off, so all he had to do was go to any provider and sign up for new service and new phone.  He probably didn't care about his phone number, so in his eyes, everything's great.  But, you had an agreement with T-Mobile, so you're responsible to pay for the device.  This is also less painful on him if he just went to T-Mobile and got a new SIM only account and is using the device you got together.


        Which is really wrong.


        If he wanted his phone number, you could always to a Change of Responsibility to move his line and phone to his new account.  But, it requires being on speaking terms with him.


        You could take him to Small Claims Court for your portion of the money.  But, that's not an immediate solution.


        If he's using the device with a new number, you can always report the device stolen until he returns it to you.  That would prevent it from being used on any carrier until you work to get it reported found (I don't know how complicated the found process is).  On the "stolen" aspect, he technically has stolen properly if you're still paying for it.  You can file theft charges.  Again, not immediate, but hopefully it'd get you your device back to try to sell to alleviate the cost.


        Have you removed his line from your account?  At least that would alleviate the monthly charge associated with his line.


        It's a sticky situation.

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        • magentatechie

          Agreed with everything above- ESPECIALLY if he's still using the phone! Call T-Mo and tell them that the device was stolen so he won't be able to use it on another account at all!  To answer your concern, yes- if you cancel the account altogether, your final bill will contain the full remaining balances of any device on which you're still making payments so this isn't the best long-term solution as it will affect your credit score down the road if it's not paid.

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