Store Complaint


    I took my mom and dad with me to a T-Mobile store to get the T-Mobile Tuesday Water bottle. All of us were carrying live phones on the account.


    As soon as I told the agent I was there for the bottle, he said that he can only give 1 bottle per family. He told me that "Because I was unknown to him as has not seen me in that store before and I am not his store's customer, he cannot give me more than 1 bottle".


    He needs to save few for his customers. He said that he only got 10 bottles in a total to distribute and he won't give me more than 1 bottle. I absolutely refuse to believe that he got only 10 bottles for an entire store. My prediction is that he must have kept more than 50% of bottles aside to take home for his family.


    At no point or place in T-Mobile Tuesday app, it says that you need to go to the store that you initially signed up to get all the bottles. This is such a ridiculous response to any customer. I have 9 lines on my account and we've been with T-Mobile for more than 6 years. Why would I care what the store's individual customers are? To me the T-Mobile store represents T-Mobile company itself. And this is the service you are giving?


    As a customer, if I have the active lines and phones with me with individuals, I am OBLIGED to be given whatever T-Mobile Tuesday is offering unless they ran out of it.


    Now its to be seen if this complaint also falls on deaf years like so many other companies or is T-Mobile diligent enough to take some action.

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