Cannot Receive Some Texts


    I recently transferred a number to T-Mobile after having had a tablet plan for a while.  The transferred number is on an Unlimited Talk & Text plan and I am using an LG A380.


    I was initially having some trouble downloading texts.  I could see a text waiting to be downloaded, but it never would download.  I managed to resolve that by adding an Internet Profile and Access Point for T-Mobile and setting MMS to use those settings.


    But now I have discovered that there are texts that I am never even being notified about.  The common thread appears to be that the texts contain pictures.  After testing some back and forth between my phone and my tablet, I discovered that small pictures will be received by my phone just fine, but larger pictures just go into the void.  There is no indication on my phone that a text was too large to be received, and there is no indication on my tablet that the text was not delivered.


    I understand that large pictures not going through is not a bug (Picture message troubleshooting ), but is there anything that can be done so that I will at least _know_ when someone sends me a text that is too large to be received?  Is it actually due to a limitation of my phone, and upgrading to a newer phone will solve the problem?  Or is it a limitation on the Talk & Text plan?



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Cannot Receive Some Texts

        Based on what you're saying, it does sound like this is due to file size being too large. The should tell you that as this normally something that the device is programmed to do. The size limit is from the mobile network. Other carriers have limitations like this.