Pay Final Bill?


    I switched to Big V. I've received a nastygram from Big T that I'd better pay my final bill. But I haven't received a final bill, and I am no longer able to sign in online or via the app.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Pay Final Bill?

        Awww, it's a bummer to see you go, wanttopay, but we appreciate you trying to get your final bill taken care of. It's odd that you didn't receive it because it should automatically switch to regular billing if you had paperless prior to porting out. In this case, you have three different options: work with T-Force via Facebook or Twitter, call 1-877-746-0909, or stop by a store which should allow you to view your bill and make a payment in one stop.

        • magenta5798036

          Re: Pay Final Bill?

          I have also switched to another carrier as my significant other already had a plan and in this area T-Mobile does not work well.  I never received a final bill AND my auto-pay took my payment out for the next month. 

          After speaking with customer service they 'gave me a deal' and cut my payment in half although I switched, "supposedly" 10 days into my new billing cycle.  His first 'offer' was to knock off $20, that is appalling!!!!

          This is total baloney!! My auto pay should have been cancelled and I should have received a final bill once it was.  That and since it was cancelled there is no way to look at my prior bills or even see what my old billing cycle was! This should be looked into for others...buyer beware...

          When I was in a location where T-Mobile worked, it was all good, but once I moved to an area they team up with a 3rd party and considered quite a bit of the services as roaming, it was awful!!!  And then this!  And not being able to do anything other than call and not see anything or provide any feedback other than this location is horrible.