Was lied to twice by sales rep in T-Mobile store; can I be refunded?


    On July 2, 2018 I went to my local T-Mobile store (which I have been dealing with since 2011) and asked the sales rep if I could renew my legacy account with a $100 + tax payment, and shortly transfer that account to a different number using the present number to register with a different carrier; I was assured that I could do this, and was told how to do it.  So I paid my money to refill my legacy account (I'm retired on a fixed income).


    On July 21 I went to the T-Mobile store and spoke with the same sales person.  I told him I had done what he suggested - put the original number on another T-Mobile compatible phone and carrier, SafeLink, on a lifeline account for my wife to use - and now wanted to buy a new phone (a "dumb phone") with a new number to be connected with my legacy account, and the money I had just put on it ($98 were left).  Contrary to what he told me earlier, he said that he couldn't do that, as "the money follows the number" and as the number was no longer with T-Mobile the money was gone, not to be recovered.  I told him this is not what he had earlier told me I could do.  He said he was sorry but this was the way it is.


    As I needed a phone right away I bought a new phone, figuring I could get this straightened out with T-Mobile management later.  I asked, "Can I still have my legacy account, and renew it with another $100?" and he said yes.  I asked him again, "Will this be a legacy account?" (a legacy account for those who don't know is a type of account that was extant till recently, where one can renew it every year, and if one renews it with $100 any leftover minutes carry over into the next year; it was a good account for the elderly who don't use a phone that much); anyway, the rep said yes.  So I paid my money and went home.  I spoke to a Customer Service rep on the phone and told him this story, and he expressed concern for the false information given me.  He also said that my current account wasn't a legacy account, but a newer pay-as-you-go plan that might even be better for me.  So I was lied to twice.


    I'll see if this new account works for me, though I was told it was other than it really was, and I would like the $98 I lost due to misinformation to be credited to my present account.  Such fraud is a crime in NYC.  I would like to see this rectified.  I have been very happy with T-Mobile over the last 7 years, but sales reps who lie to customers to make sales ought to be disciplined by management.  Have I any hope for redress in this matter?  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

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