Apple Upgrade Program


    I have 2 lines on the Apple Upgrade Program.


    Both last fall and then again 2 days ago when I went to add other existing lines to the Apple Upgrade program.   Apple gets an error on the T-Mobile TAP Portal (a T-Mobile URL and not Apple's)


    T-Mobile being the only carrier that requires in store activation for the Apple Upgrade Program, Apple needs to go to T-Mobile's TAP Portal.


    That is where the problem is. Each time Apple gets the following error message. It goes through the whole process even asking what line to upgrade and then:


    Exceeds Viewable Line Limit

    This is a large account and is not supported in this system.


    This is a consumer account, with 7 voice lines and 5 tablet/watch lines.   I am not looking to add a voice line but to only replace the devices on some of the lines with the Apple Upgrade program (I prefer that over the T-Mobile upgrade plan).


    I would assume T-Mobile likes larger accounts? I've repeated contacted everyone at T-Mobile customer care as well as an email to the CEO.  Its frustrating as not only did it happen last fall but then again 2 days ago.  Its a known issue that there is no resolution for. I am hoping this message is read by someone who can seriously look into this problem.


    Last fall it was witnessed by a T-Mobile representative in the Apple Store.  This is not an Apple issue but a T-Mobile issue.


    Is my alternative to cancel some lines and put them on separate plans?


    Thanks in advance for someones attention.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Apple Upgrade Program

        Good morning, magenta2709026


        I'm sorry you're running into this error again . I did some digging and found where this happened last year and the temporary workaround was to go through another Retailer. That's clearly not the route that I want you to have to take. When issues like this arise, it's best to work with the SOM (Sales Operations Manager) that is assigned to that specific Apple store. You mentioned that there was a T-Mobile rep inside the Apple store at the time this error occurred - do you know what they did to try to fix it? You also stated that you emailed John, our CEO, have you received any type of response yet? I will do my absolute best to track down some answers for you!

          • magenta2709026

            Re: Apple Upgrade Program

            Thank you Amanda,


            Its actually nice to get a response!


            Going through another retailer defeats the entire purpose.  And I have had to in one case buy the phone outright and the other day buy 2 at T-Mobile on an installment plan.  Neither was my intent.


            Last fall it was the day the iPhone X came out and T-Mobile had one of its salesmen from the store inside the same mall working within the Apple Store.  He only said it was a known issue.  Sorry I don’t have his name.


            No one has done anything to try to fix this.


            I wrote at the time to your CEO and received a call from his office.   But not only were they unable to help but I don’t even think they were grasping the problem. 


            Alternatives like using T-Mobille’s Jump again is not what I desire not what i have on 2 other lines.


            I did email to John Legere again on Sunday when this happened yet again but to date have not received any reply or call.


            I have also spoken to a rep from the business side (my accounts used to be business but I specifically switched them to personal as apparently you can not do the Apple Upgrade Program on a business account)



              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Apple Upgrade Program

                I totally agree that you shouldn't have to go to a different retailer, it completely defeats the purpose of the Apple Upgrade program! You're right -- this was a known issue last year which is the info I was looking over. We definitely want to get our ducks in a row before it's that time again.


                Let me chat with a few of my internal folks from Apple to see if I can get some answers or even a direction to go in to get this fixed. I'll keep you posted!

                  • magenta2709026

                    Re: Apple Upgrade Program

                    Apparently its been a known issue for several years……………….  Thanks and you’ll be my hero if you can get this adequately addressed.

                      • tmo_amanda

                        Re: Apple Upgrade Program

                        Well, they were super speedy to reply but unfortunately not with the best of news.   It appears to still be a known issue with the same workaround I previously mentioned. The only additional workaround would be to move one of your lines over to a new account to allow the upgrade to process without error. I'm going to continue digging in to see if I can get more eyes on the issue and find a solution. I'd love to be your hero but I don't want to make any promises that this will be fixed soon.