Switched S9 from Verizon to T-Mobile - Phone won't rebrand


    BYOD from Verizon to T-Mobile.  I brought my S9 and my wife brought her S8+.  Lot long after the port-in process was complete, my wife's S8+ downloaded the T-Mobile app and the look/location of the status bar icons changed to the T-Mobile 'motif'; my phone hasn't changed at all.  When I go to update software, it was telling me my device was not authorized, but now it says the device is up to date.  However, the Verizon apps are still there and won't uninstall and the Service provider SW ver. is: SAOMC-SM-G960U_OYN_VZW_OO_0077 (notice the VZW) and the last line in that section reads: VZW/VZW/VZW.  My wife's phone has a last line of TMB/TMB/VZW (notice the TMB).

      Called T-Mobile and got completely clueless reps that claim "once it's a Verizon phone, it's always a Verizon phone!"  Really?, then explain my wife's phone that I purchased from the same Verizon store a few months earlier.

      The Samsung website says that once a new SIM is installed that the old provider software would be uninstalled and the new provider's software would be installed as long as it is an unlocked phone (mine is because I have T-Mobile service and if it's locked it would be SIM locked to Verizon and my service with T-Mobile wouldn't work).  Samsung's website even has a by-carrier list of the apps that are forced on you for your type of device.  So, I call Samsung.  They try everything they can: they assure me that my phone can be rebranded (duh, my wife's already is), they tell me to install SmartSwitch on my computer but it doesn't give me the option to update (even after a full phone backup), then he tells me to wait for the next firmware update and keep my fingers crossed.  Since when was "pray" added to the tech support flow charts?

      It appears that those who get paid to help have no clue how, so now I'm turning to this community for assistance.  Any ideas on what else I can try?

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