T-Mobile= poor customer service...


    Not happy with T-Mobile... Has anyone else had this problem with T-Mobile and/or the store located at 1579 Monroe Dr. NE, suite G, Atlanta, GA 30324?

    As a Veteran, I transferred my service to T-Mobile in May and bought the Samsung Galaxy S9 on the Veteran special. (coming from Verizon & Iphone 8)

    BUT, I have had problems with the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone app freezing up with error messages and the touch screen becomes non-responsive.

    I have rebooted the phone, performed factory hard resets, etc.  My phone is my business. I need it to work.

    I called in and asked about the warranty. The customer service reps on the phone are very helpful and said they would send a replacement phone to my local  T-Mobile store for me to exchange free of charge. HOWEVER...  today I received a call from some angry woman at the local T-Mobile store telling me that the new replacement phone had arrived. "Great", I thought.

    And then she started to threaten me that T-Mobile will charge me $799 in the future if they don't think my old phone had a problem.

    I understand that there is probably lots of fraud in the warranty world, but this woman came across as angry, rude, threatening and completely turned me off to T-Mobile. She definitely demonstrated that she lacks Customer Service, Sales, and Diversity training at the corporate/retail level.

    At this point, I will PAY T-Mobile as much money as they want and move to a new carrier and get another phone. I don't care if it costs me $1,000.00.

    I plan to go to a new carrier and buy another Iphone 8. By the way, the T-Mobile cell coverage in many parts of Atlanta, Midtown, Morningside, Virginia Highland, Decatur, etc. is abysmal: constantly drops calls.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: T-Mobile= poor customer service...

        magenta4904181 wrote:


        By the way, the T-Mobile cell coverage in many parts of Atlanta, Midtown, Morningside, Virginia Highland, Decatur, etc. is abysmal: constantly drops calls.

        I live in Marietta, work in downtown Atlanta, and have friends in Midtown, Decatur, and VaHi.  Never had any type of problems in any of those areas.  Now, that one stretch of Powers Ferry in Buckhead where you go down that giant hill by Rebel Trail -- I lose signal.  But, most people lose signal down there, no matter what carrier.


        I can't say anything about the store.  I don't go to the Ansley area much since Ru San's failed their health inspection again and my hair salon moved to Grant Park.

        • brewdog

          Re: T-Mobile= poor customer service...

          The only way to get help is by threatening to leave. Talked to more reps and spent more time trying to resolve simple questions. A professional would indicate they don't know and specify a plan to find and communicate the answer. Somehow T-Mobile reps are perfectly fine indicating that they don't know, then asking if they resolved all my questions. Wtf!! Repeatedly regurgitating their script. Terrible.

          • whatsthedeal

            Re: T-Mobile= poor customer service...

            I think that there is one guy that they keep behind a curtain that actually knows what is going on and could be able to resolve problems in a reasonable and straight-forward manner. They probably call that guy "The Wizard" and never burden his phone with a call.


            The rest of the customer service staff seem to have very little in the way of resources to solve problems available to them, beyond parroting the same script, promising action that never happens, or return calls that never come. None of them have the ability to take ownership of a problem and see it through.


            It would seem at this point that you are resorting to clicking your heels together and chanting, "there's no place like home" repeatedly, in order to find resolution by getting out of Oz or Wonderland, or whatever asylum it is that the support calls are routed to.

            • magenta7401383

              My coverage is a joke.  Sometimes I get coverage at home, most other times not. I get droppped calls, texts that never send, texts that repeat, no service in an astonishing number of areas and no satisfation from T-Mobile support.  I was going to hang on until on until I pay off this Samsung Galaxy 8, but am tired of the crap and will move to Verizon ASAP.