Filing a claim and then upgrading?


    So I have an Iphone 7 plus which I accidentally broke the screen on this week. The device turns on and works but it's basically rendered unusable due to the shatter of the glass and the potential for cutting my fingers on it. I'm enrolled in the Jump program but I never upgraded since I hadn't found it necessary. But all this summer, I have been looking forward to the new iphones coming out in the fall and I really want to upgrade to one when they come out. My question is, if I file a claim to get a replacement, will this affect my ability to upgrade later? Like will I be paying off a new phone now or is it just a replacement? On my account it says I only have about 99 dollars left to pay off so it's not even like its worth the deductible but I don't have a usable phone now so I can't wait it out.

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Filing a claim and then upgrading?

        To use JUMP the phone has to be working and in good order so you would have to use file a claim and pay the deductible.  With that being said though with only $99 left JUMP really isn't that great of a benefit to you since you have to turn in your old device which would cost you your deductible to turn in.  Frankly what I would do is look up the value of or what you could get for selling your 7 and if it is more than your deductible +99 then file a claim get the replacement, pay off the $99, get the phone unlocked and sell it or keep it as a working spare but I wouldn't use JUMP either way.  You could just pay off the $99 and be done with it and start a new loan plan.  The only wrench in all of this is, that if you are on the original JUMP I would make sure you can just start a new EIP on that line and keep the original JUMP. 

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          Re: Filing a claim and then upgrading?

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