Please do keep your promise and take care of the problem this time


    Dear T-Mobile,


    Hope this email finds you well. And most hopefully, our problem regarding account#*********will get resolved this time!

    I called again 11:29 am ET today/Jul 22 @844-233-6088. A very nice representative with the name of Laurence answered. He promised me the followings:

    1, The account will be terminated.

    2, T-Mobile will refund all payments collected associated with said account.

    3, I will never be charged again on this account.



    Background story.

    I have two accounts with T-Mobile now. One opened by me, the one with said account number was opened wrongly by T-Mobile.


    1, May 28th, I made the purchase for 1 account, yet received 2 confirmation.

    I made an order of an account with 2 sim card on May 28thto transfer from Verizon to you.  Yet I received 2 orders, one is my real order, another is associated with account#********* including 1 iPhone and 2 sim-cards which I didn’t make.


    2, Multiple dates in May, T-Mobile representative requested me to return 1 of 2 orders, and I did.

    I called the next day on May 29thI believe, and one representative of yours told me that I can just simply return the order I didn’t make. That will solve the problem. I did so and got refunded the iPhone and 2 sim-card fees on May 25th.


    3, Jun 19th, I got charged twice and called. Got promised that problem will be taken care of.

    On Jun 19th, I noticed that I got charged twice for both accounts. Therefore I call probably within 2-3 days after. I called at least 3-4 times, held for representatives, got disconnected and called again, explained whole situation and background to every representative again and again. Finally, I got escalated to an authoritative lady. She promised me that the account will be taken care of. I would be refunded, and never would get charged on the account again. I took her word for it.


    4, Jul 19th, got charged twice again and called. Got promised again.

    On Jul 19th, I sadly and furiously found that I got charged for both accounts again. I made the call and talked to Laurence, who made the promise listed at the very beginning of this email.


    I just switched to T-Mobile, it’s not a very pleasant start so far.

    Do please keep your promise and take care of the problem this time!

    And then let’s see where it goes.


    Best regards,



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