Galaxy S7 update to Oreo 8.0


    I'm still using Nougat, even though I got the update nearly 2 weeks ago. I'm just wondering what others thought about it and If I should pull the trigger, or just stay where I'm at. I liked Marshmellow and regretted updating, but couldn't go back once you do, so looking for thoughts from others before I make that same mistake. Thanks.

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      • theartiszan

        Re: Galaxy S7 update to Oreo 8.0

        I have it on mine and it is running great. Much better battery life than the previous version. One thing that might affect your experience over mine, is after any major update I do a full factory reset of the phone and format my memory card. After that I set the phone up again with my apps and games. Battery life was short the first few days as things settled but got a lot better. I can easily get 2 days with it under light usage.