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    I have been a tmobil pre paid customer for over 4 years now. My father was recently a long time customer of Verizon and decided to switch over after seeing the 55+ plan. He went into the store and had both of our lines converted to the 55+ plan. It was quick and upon leaving the store, his phone was not receiving any service. He went back to the store and the technicians took over an hour to look at the issue. They could not resolve the issue and told him to come back the next day. During this span, no one was able to reach him, as he lives alone and does not have a landline. My family could not reach him via email either. I tried calling tmobil to figure out what the issue was and they said they would call me back in half an hour after I received my father’s sim card info. How would that be possible if I couldn’t connect with him in the first place? Another day passed and he ended up spending another hour at the tmobil store and the issue was still not resolved. They told him to come back ANOTEHR day. The next day, my father’s service was finally functioning. All in all, he lost 3 days of service and two stressful days which are should have been his days off from work. Please advise on how to move forward with our account. We obviously do not want to be charged for this giant inconvenience and the hours spent from our busy lives. Thank you

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