T mobile cheats and steals


    I've had the worst experience with T mobile.  My phone was defective within 2 weeks (as inspected by a sales person at a tmobile store) and I was given the run around for 4 weeks with many calls to their Philippine "support" office.  All I got was continuous transfer to another office who needed to approve it.  They never replaced it and I had to go to an apple store to get it fixed.  Then they low balled my trade-in phones telling me I didn't give them the same model and color that I had indicated.  The customer agent credited me with the difference but didn't change the report which concerned me.  Now they denied my promo rebates $700 x 2 telling me my trade in phones did not qualify.  This is the worst customer service I have ever had.  Why does T-Mobile have to treat their customers like this.  Can't wait to switch to another carrier.

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