Samsung 7s Edge


    After updating to Oreo my phone gets so hot I have to turn it off and unplug if charging just to get it cool down.


    I have done the normal instructions to clear the cache after pressing volume, home, volume up and rebooted phone.  It still overheats and drains the battery so  fast and takes forever to charge now.


    I turned off all notifications and most of the unimportant background apps and will still gets hot and drains battery fast.


    It is on the MID Power saving mode and have put running apps to sleep.  Screen Brightness is at 50%.


    from looking over other people issues there are a lot of issues with the Oreo update. WHY??? I am to the point of having to go buy a new phone because it gets to hot.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Samsung 7s Edge

        Oh my!


        We really want you to be able to keep your phone and definitely want it working properly. Can you take a look at the steps on our Hot or overheating phone page and see if they help? Thank you.

          • magenta2300921

            Re: Samsung 7s Edge

            Thank you for responding but I have already tried everything and it doesn't

            work. I needed up spending money that I shouldn't but I have to have a

            phone for work and health reasons.

            I am just very disappointed with the updates and how they really screw the

            phones up if a phone if at 2 yrs or little before. I have been a T-Mobile

            customer for 10+ years and this is the worse update that messed with my

            phone that I have ever dwelt with.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Samsung 7s Edge

                Ah, well goal's to make sure your phone is working with the update. Do you still have the phone or did you just replace it with another one yourself? If you have the extended warranty and it's available, we'd be able to replace it. Sorry, I know it's important to have a phone that works for you.

                  • magenta2300921

                    Re: Samsung 7s Edge

                    I do still the phone and opted out of the replacement because I had 9 yes 9

                    replacements for 1 phone because they kept sending me refurbished ones and

                    I will NEVER go that route again. I even got ones that weren't even clean.

                    Crap in the ear piece area, face marks on the screen etc. It was a huge

                    mess. I am going to do a master reset and sell it on my own. The trade in

                    value was a joke.

                      • tmo_mike_c

                        Re: Samsung 7s Edge

                        That's really surprising you went through that many phones! I'm terribly sorry about that. I wish I had another suggestion for you other than replacing it through us, but that is the proper path when you're phone is defective and still under warranty. The most important thing is you having a phone that works for you.