Carrier Freedom is a Scam


    For anyone thinking of switching to T-Mobile because of the 'Carrier Freedom' or similar offer, be aware that it is only of value if your phone is worth less than you owe on it, and even then it isn't worth much. T-Mobile is operating a Consumer Scam by having their representatives misrepresent and giving false information about this program. Here's my story.


    I switched to T-Mobile while still owing $150 on each of 2 iPhones financed with AT&T. I spoke at length to the sales agent over the phone about the Carrier Freedom plan and having T-Mobile pay off the balance if I financed new phones with them. He explained to me that T-Mobile would reimburse me the amount that I owed to AT&T, in addition to the trade-in value of my phone. There was another buy-one-get-one free offer available at the time, but together we worked out that it would make more sense for me to take the Carrier Freedom offer. After I made the switch, and I began the process of submitting my old phones and final bill to T-Mobile, I noticed on the website language that said if the trade-in value of the phone is greater than the amount owed to your previous carrier, the trade in compensation from T-Mobile would be the trade-in value of the phone LESS the amount owed. This was not how it was explained to me in my initial call, and I had questioned the rep very carefully on this topic. So I called T-Mobile twice more, and each time I was told the same story - that I would receive the amount due to AT&T PLUS the trade-in value of my phones. So that makes three times I was told that. However, when I finally got the final bill from AT&T and started the claim process, I was told that no, if my phone was worth more than I owed, they would reduce my trade-in credit by the value of the payoff amount. In other words, they would pay off my bill from AT&T with MY money, obtained from trading in my phone.  What is the advantage of doing this? I could just has easily trade my phone in anyplace I'd like, probably for more than T-Mobile will give me, and use the money to pay off AT&T. Where is the Carrier Freedom? If my phone is worth less than the amount owed to AT&T, I would get the full $150 to pay them off, but nothing for the trade-in. For example, if they gave me a credit of $130 for my phone they would send me $150, a net to me of $20 vs. selling it myself somewhere. Big deal.


    When I complained to T-Mobile about the three reps who had given me inaccurate information, I was told that it wasn't documented in their notes so I was out of luck. But it was documented in my notes. How is it that only their notes are a valid documentation of a conversation when I don't get to review them to see if the conversation was captured accurately?    I have read other posts on this discussion board about T-Mobile's poorly trained customer service reps giving inaccurate information costing customers money, aggravation, and time.  Big business always wins over the lowly consumer.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Carrier Freedom is a Scam

        We really want you to be able to take advantage of this offer. We may be able to have your T-Force team look at this further to see if we can help clear things up. You should reach out to them via the Facebook or Twitter links in my badge or on our Contact Us page. They can open your account and go over the details of our Carrier Freedom™ offer and help clear up some confusion.

        • colleen2213

          Re: Carrier Freedom is a Scam

          I have to agree that Carrier Freedom seems to be a scam.  I also was promised multiple times over the phone that T-Mobile would pay the balance of my leased phones through my previous carrier and now all of a sudden it appears that is not the case.  I have looked through all the information and read all the fine print and do not see anywhere that this would not be the case.  Now in talking to a representative today, after switching to T-Mobile because of the carrier freedom plan, that they will only offer me a prepaid credit card to pay off the lease of my phone in the amount over the value of the phone...  apparently now I am hearing that the trade-in value of the phone will be credited to my bill (which is not even close to that amount) and I will need to pay more than half of the outstanding lease of my old phones out-of-pocket.  If I had known this to be the case, I would have NEVER switched to T-Mobile.

          And, even though I have a name and department of one of the representative who promised they would pay the balance of my lease, apparently when calling customer service, they are unable to connect me to a specific person or department.