Data won't work on Galaxy s6 after factory reset


    Why wont my t-mobile Data work after factory reset? my phone, text & wifi data work fine

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hmmm -- that's not exactly an expected response after a factory reset, angielilly!
        I know it's been a few days since your post -- how are things going for you now? Were you able to isolate a device setting issue that might have caused this? Is your GS6 a T-Mobile branded device? If your APNs were manually set because you're using a non-T-Mobile phone, maybe one got missed when setting them back up?

          • tronguy123

            Hm. My daughter, who's on my plan, had a panic a couple of days ago. Her T-Mobile S8 active suddenly stopped doing network data - the 4G symbol would appear with an "x" above it. Wi-Fi worked; texting worked, but was very slow.

            According to her, she had a devil of time trying to fix it. Without calling T-Mobile for help, she:

            • Took the SIM card out, put it back in.
            • Cold reset the phone several times.
            • Went into and out of Airplane mode several times.

            She had a list of stuff she tried; it was quite extensive, and went through every setting she could find on the phone, looking for something out of the ordinary.


            What fixed it: Switching wi-fi calling from Wi-Fi preferred to Cellular Network preferred. Wham: Up came 4G, and it stayed up.


            Since then, I've been doing a little stooging around in the internet with Google and the like. This is, apparently, not quite an unusual problem, and seems to be across multiple physical phones across multiple carriers. Some punters have put up Their List of Things to Do, that "preferred" setting being #2 or #4, after which data reappears.


            There seems to be a bit of discussion about algorithms on the phone Not Working Quite Right with the network, and giving such algorithms a kick in the pants by doing something silly (wi-fi vs. cellular network "preferred" settings) gets them working normally again.


            Given that this happened to angielily in the same time frame.. I gotta ask: Any T-Mobile network engineers punting new algorithms onto the network recently?

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            • angielilly

              Problem solved

              had to add t-mobile to my APN as the phone is a unlocked sprint so it needed t-mobile added manually

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            • tmo_marissa

              angielilly, I'm so glad that was the fix for you!
              tronguy123, yikes -- your daughter has been through a troubleshooting wringer. I might be misremembering the specific device, but I believe we have a long thread about the same issue and solution with a Moto G4 here in our Community. I don't have any word about new algorithms, but FWIW I think that thread has been around for a long time. That said, those folks were all using Non TMO devices; and so it's interesting to read that this is happening with a T-Mobile branded phone! Did she happen to attempt a factory reset before she got to this fix?

                • tronguy123



                  Sorry it took so long to get back to you. As regards my daughter: A factory reset, requiring her to do backup, restore, and all the usual fun reinstalling apps, then reconfiguring the look and feel to make it the same as it was before the reset, was what she was trying to avoid!

                  I suppose if she was a little adventurous she might have switched the phone back to wi-fi preferred to see what it would do; on the other hand, she's a post graduate student do heavy research and lifting and all that and a working phone is rather critical, so, once she got it working, it was a case of letting sleeping dogs lie.

                  She had been up in Maine for a week a few days before the incident; I know that T-Mobile gets a little picky if people start hanging around for long periods of time in areas where T-Mobile has to pay other carriers for tower use, so maybe that had something to do with it? But a week's worth of vacation seems unlikely to trip up any automated whatever, so dunno.

                  In any case, she's happy, her phone's working, data and all, and that'll be that until the Next Time. I did tell her that if something like that happens again, don't hesitate to call 611 - they would probably have gotten her out of her mess faster than her banging her head against the wall .