Pay as you go receipt?


    I have the 3$/mo pay-as-you-go plan which I use when visiting the US.  For internet access, I buy a weekly data pass through the 611 customer service number.  Since the internet access is mainly for work, the firm would normally reimburse this cost, but the trolls in accounting need a receipt showing what was purchased and the amount paid.  There seems to be no way to generate an invoice or a charges/payments history for the pay-as-you-go plan through the website.  Am I missing something, or can a receipt be obtained some other way?  TIA.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Pay as you go receipt?

        Hi there and thanks for posting. Our prepaid accounts don't have a receipt you can print off. We certainly want you to get the cost covered by your company. Is that the only way they'll coverage the charges? Sorry I don't have an option I can think of that'll get you that.

          • dschoonaert

            Re: Pay as you go receipt?

            I am in the same sort of boat but with the German tax authorities.  I live in Germany but have a US T-Mobile pay as you go account for when I travel to the US for work.  The tax authorities will not accept a credit card receipt and will only accept an official invoice from T-Mobile.  Without any such invoice I cannot claim any of this as an expense/tax deduction.


            Regards, Dave Schoonaert